I work in Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Coaching Sessions are one hour 



Individual adult £50
Children £45
Disabled discount £40
Shared £25 each
(either as a joint lesson or two half lessons for little people or young horses with short attention spans!)
Class £20 per Rider
Course of 6 £270 prepaid
Lunge session on your horse £40


Individual £40
2 horses at same venue £35 each
Hacking £30


1 lesson plus 1 schooling weekly £80
2 lessons half school half lesson weekly £90
Monthly plan 2 lessons plus weekly video conference £90
Monthly plan 2 schoolings 2 lessons plus weekly video conference £150


Working with the owner, lunging, long reining, backing £40
Or pre paid package arranged.

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Terms & Conditions

All prices are per hour.

Cancellation requires 24 hours notice or half session fee charged.

Fi reserves the right to cancel if conditions are considered too dangerous to work in.

Travel charged at 40 pence per mile if over 10 miles.

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