I am an experienced and qualified coach. If a friendly and approachable coach is what you are looking for, I’m here to help you and your horse.

I support and coach a select number of riders of different ages, abilities and disabilities to enjoy their riding and get the best from their horses or ponies.  Some of my clients compete successfully but this is not the main focus of my teaching.  My main aim is to help riders enjoy their riding.

Confident Equestrians - Fi Dent

I will enjoy helping you reach a point where you have confidence to enjoy riding your horse. Whether you want to put a toe in the water with your first competition, want to feel confident to school your horse on your own, or have the confidence to hack with a friend or on your own, I have the background and experience to help.

  • It is so important to know what you want from your horse and how to ask in an understandable way!
  • Balance, position and correct understandable aids are the keystones of riding and horse communication.
  • I will coach you on these ‘keystones’ using a large variety of schooling exercises, incorporating cones for accuracy and suppleness, and poles for dexterity, concentration and interest.


I use a Wireless Horse Instruction System radio head set and mike which means I can coach up to two riders from anywhere in the arena or open country. You will be able to hear despite aircraft noise, wind or how far away you are. It is also brilliant for cross-country. It enables me to observe your horse’s straightness more easily and my voice does not influence the horse.

I like to ride my clients’ horses to assess them and occasionally when they are learning something new, to teach the horse before the rider. Sometimes I will ride a borrowed horse to give support when hacking out or riding on the road for the first time.


I have a vast background of experience in lunging and long reining and am happy to teach both. They are useful tools to enable you to assess and work your horse from the ground and as a preparation for starting a young horse before being backed and ridden. They are useful skills if you are a parent with small children’s ponies, both for exercise, or if you are not a rider yourself.

I teach ground handling skills if you are having problems with leading and communication with your horse. For the horse to be happy, all aspects of care need to be right, and all horses are individuals! I am therefore, always happy to give advice on horse care, tack, feeding etc.

Buying a horse?

I am available also, to advise on horse buying, which can be a difficult and daunting prospect on your own. With your all important wishes and input, I will prepare a shopping list of what you are looking for in your new horse. It will be tailored to your experience, interests, time commitment, and to how you want to keep your horse.

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