Do you want to:

Get the best out of your horse?

Improve the strength and flexibility of both you and your horse?

Learn new techniques to improve performance?

Build trust and really connect and work with your horse’s natural energy?

Confident Equestrians - EquiYoga
EquiYoga with Fi and Lizi

We have created a revolutionary new program to transform the strength & flexibility of both you and your horse, combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with the modern science of rider biomechanics.

EquiYoga is a unique combination of ridden exercises on your horse and mat work in the studio to improve suppleness & fitness of both horse and rider. The course runs for a month and includes 4 weekly yoga classes with Lizi and 4 weekly clinics with Fiona (limited to 4 horses per class) No previous yoga experience is necessary.

The meaning of yoga is UNION (of your mind, body & spirit) 

EquiYoga takes this one step further to allow a connection with your horse that will improve performance in any discipline.


At Hever Wellness Centre Yoga Classes for 4 weeks with Yoga with Lizi:

26th February, 4th,11th,18th March

Interlinked with Clinics At Whitewood Equestrian Centre with Fi Dent:

29th February, 7th,14th,21st March

For all other enquiries or further information please contact Lizi or Fiona directly or drop a message through our Facebook page.

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